DFNDR: Antivirus, Booster & Cleaner

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Protect your device from unwanted intruders!

DFNDR: Antivirus, Booster & Cleaner is an app that allows you to improve your Android device’s safety and performance by removing unwanted viruses and spyware as well as enhance its battery lifetime with a special battery booster feature. You will even have more space to keep your media and message since this app clears cache and junk files, providing you with more storage space for the things you really need.

One of the most special features of DFNDR: Antivirus, Booster & Cleaner is the ability to keep your phone or tablet safe. By adding an antivirus, the app will screen your device for malware while maintaining your privacy and safety. This feature also allows you to track your device if it gets stolen simply by logging in to the app’s online mobile tracker and using the anti-theft security service created to protect you.

Set your device to send you notification if you click on fake news on Facebook and get a message showing you all the scams and viruses. You can also create an additional layer of safety by adding an extra password so that others won’t be able to access your social media pages without your permission.

DFNDR: Antivirus, Booster & Cleaner comes with a feature that improves your charging experience. With Total Charge you will be able to charge your device faster as it monitors your battery progression and notifies you as soon as it’s 100% charge. Download the app now to check out all the features such as the Intruder Selfie, which takes a picture of the person trying to your device without permission.

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Aplikasi Yang Baik Dijamin!

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APK Version 5.0.10
Keserasian Android 4.1.x+ (Jelly Bean)

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